CatDog Central
1999 - 2000

May 24, 2000

Dear CatDog fans,

As you may know (if you're a frequent visitor), I haven't been updating my site as much as I used to. In September, the beginning of my final year in eigth grade, I got more classwork, homework, and tests than I thought would come at that time. That was when my updates started slowing down. As time went on throughout the year, the updates became shorter and shorter; so now it has come to my attention that I must shut down CatDog Central. I know it's the end of year; graduation is coming up and yes, homework is getting less. However, what about next year? High school is going to definetely more difficult than this very year, and so I'll be preparing for my new school. Not only that, unlike last year, I've planned to do so much this summer, so I won't be around to much either. Well, it's been a great year. I will never ever forget the great times I had with this site. CatDog will ALWAYS live on! >^.^<

Thanks for making CatDog Central such a great site!

Felicia Spano
CatDog Freak


P.S. Aww, don't cry. I'm definetly planning another site, a personal site... Just as soon as I get a dang scanner. he he.